Social Media

This page is somewhere between a post about social and a contact page. It's about some of the places on the internets that I frequent and why...

The Listicle Seven

Twitter - for me is a great tool to stay in touch with what's happening and trending, but mainly I consider it a curated personal learning network. A couple of times a day I try and find, read, learn or repost something I think is relevant to the space in between my two main areas of professional interest, adult education and technology.

LinkedIn - Chances are, that if we have worked together at a company or on a project we are already connected on LinkedIn - if not let me know. LinkedIn's UI isn't without issues but I feel that recent updates make it suck slightly less. There is some overlap on my LinkedIn feed and posts on Twitter.

Ello - I have discovered a endless money pit, it's called photography. Seriously, make me feel better about my last body/lens/tripod/filter/accessory purchase by liking one of my photos on Ello. Ello is like Facebook without all the targeted ads and clickbait, which means it has ended up being a place that artsy people post their work. (and it rhymes with Trello which is nice) Find out more about Ello here or see my attempt to capture photons in interesting arrangements at

YouTube - contains a couple of videos from me that are 100% cat free. Hard to believe my first YouTube post was almost a decade ago. Most of the content I'm involved with recently on YouTube is a collaboration with a talented young actor called SunFenix who has an amazing genealogy.

Soundcloud - Just because I was awarded "Musician of the year" in my last year at school doesn't mean my rendition of Elderly Woman Behind the Counter of a Small Town is any good, but I did perform and produce the whole thing by myself which was the reason for uploading it. You can also hear me try to channel inner Jimi Hendrix in a couple of tracks. I find Soundcloud a great place to discover new music and podcasts. Here's the link but, you were warned.

Untappd - If you too have uttered the phrase "ohhh, great balance between the early biscuity, caramel malt flavours and the late piney/floral hop notes" after drinking a glass of beer that cost more than your last water bill, then you should check out Untappd. For adult educators, this is also a really great example of gamification via badges and leveling, but the resulting impact of the derived learning outcome is likely to be a future research study entitled something like this: The Ethics of Gamification in relation to Digital Media, Alcohol consumption and Alcholism.

Klout - I know some people think Klout is a vanity thing, but I do like to use it as a measure of how much the stuff I contribute or curate is listened to. If that makes me a bad person, go and talk to Randall Munroe about it. (XKCD is still my favorite webcomic).

Honorable Mentions

Slack - #IRC was so much fun and it's back - only problem is I have no-one to play with :(. Slack will kill email eventually with its well thought out integrations, powerful search and quirky system messages. Can someone let me know when Australia's early majority arrive.

Google+ - Yes, it is still a thing. No really it is. I go there to geek out on IoT and codey stuff. Funnily enough, I find posts there have the best SEO, hands down.

Trello - Not exactly a social media, but if we are working on a project together and you don't have your own project management tool, this is likely where we will end up. Apologies in advance, I do bang on about Trello a fair bit when discussing Kanban, Agile and Scrum.

Github - Not alot going on here but I did write some Arduino code once that helped me brew some beer. If I ever do When I write some code again, it will be on Github.

Meetup - I do love a good Meetup, have have been known to attend Third Place, and various Melbourne VR and coding meetups. Let me know if you are attending something interesting...

Steam - To see how bad I am at finishing games look no further than...

PlayStation Network - Here is my PlayStation Network account, along with my password and credit card details.

And now from the "what happened there?" department...

Quora - was so promising. Ask a question and get up-voted answers, it could have been so great. Like any democracy, power and greed set in and the spammy people realised, hey, let just ask our own questions and then answer them with selly stuff. And they did it so hard and it killed Quora. And I was sad.

Pintrest - where infographics and craft project photos go to die. Yes, I have an account. No, I am not active there or sharing it.

MySpace and/or Bebo - If you want to see my face flick rapidly between the emotions of interested and scared, tell me you have saved posts or photos from me on either of these.

Facebook/Messenger/Instagram - it's complicated. I use these less and less as they get more and more spaminated. Hence Ello. Probably not going to do the whole, 'that's it - I'm shutting down my Facebook account' thing, but then also probably not looking at using them heaps either.