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SkyEd provides planning and support to enable you to get most out of educational technology.

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Education technology implementation

Get the right tools to improve your training outcomes.  After a full systems and process review we provide a full strategy and business plan.

Video and Audio production

Video and audio media combined with internet content publishing platforms are a key tool for educators in the age of internet connected mobile devices.  These platforms also provide opportunity for additional revenue streams.

Freemium sales models

Use the scale of the internet combined with educational snippets as a content marketing pipeline, and build potential for passive revenues.



Technology is disruptive

But it’s not the first time education has been disrupted.  In 1440 the Gutenberg press provided ways to scale the production of text to new levels. Today, our internet connected mobile device audience demands modern learning platforms and content.



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From the vault: MOOC – Is open technology opening education?

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If you follow education or technology news, you might have heard the acronym MOOC bandied about recently. There are already a huge amount of blogs and discussions on MOOCs, but…


From the vault: Modern learning systems

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Many people still struggle to separate the components of modern online learning systems because of this history. It’s almost as if new terms get associated back to the physicality of…


From the vault: MoodleMoot 2015

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This year I was lucky enough to attend MoodleMoot 2015 Australia with my colleagues from eWorks. I had a great time and met a lot of interesting people coming at…


From the vault: Deploying video in digital learning

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Video is a key tool for educators, but the storage and hosting is problematic. When it comes to deploying video in digital learning—an essential component of the blended learning mix—there…


From the vault: ACPET Conference 2014

| Business, Education and Technology | No Comments

My presentation on MOOCs in the VET sector on the second day of the conference showcased the Australian Childhood Foundation which hosts a MOOC via TrainingVC. I discussed MOOCs in…